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Food Intolerance


Many common symptoms can be linked to an underlying food intolerance.

Sufferers of such a food intolerance often complain of one or more of the following

Digestive Disorders
Reflux, bloating, pain, discomfort etc.

Weight Problems 
Fluid retention, inability to lose weight regardless of diets, food cravings etc.

Intestinal Symptoms
Diarrhoea and or constipation (typically found in IBS)

Lethargy, unrested following sleep, poor sleep patterns etc.
Headaches &  Migraine.

Skin Complaints
Eczema, rashes, blotching, itching etc.

Muscle or Joints Aches and Pains

Psychological Symptoms:
Anxiety , depression, irritability, tension, mood swings etc.

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 A combination of  lifestyle and diet often leads to many of us unintentionally eating the wrong foods for our bodies.  Additionally, periods of stress, use of certain prescription drugs etc. can upset the balance in the digestive system allowing food/s to not be completely digested before passing into the blood stream.  This food intolerance can result in digestive disorders which in turn can lead to many complaints and illnesses.

If symptoms occur immediately then a food allergy is the likely trigger of a histamine response.  If your symptoms occur between 1 hour - 4 days  then a food intolerance is likely to be present.  An intolerance does not produce a histamine response so it can be difficult to determine what the cause of the reaction is.  It is only by being assessed against a comprehensive range of possible foods that the cause/s of the problem can be established.
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Food Intolerance Testing - Testing Method



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